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Brie, chocolate and strawberry toastie

November 28th 2014 10:49
chocolate strawberry brie

After a trip to the Central Markets last week, we discovered, when we arrived home, that we had purchased an embarrassing amount of cheese.

There was nothing else to be done but to eat our way through the problem. A little nibble on some cheddar here, a bite of tasty blue there and a general gnashing of teeth whenever we looked in the direction of the entire wheel of brie that was taking up the top shelf of our fridge.

One night while scrolling through some images on pinterest, I came across a photo of a brie, chocolate and strawberry toasted sandwich. It looked delicious and I knew we had to try it.

So simple, yet so tasty - I recommend you make this the very next time you have a wheel of cheese staring you down from the top shelf of your fridge (or even the next time you have a piece of cheese looking at you from the dairy compartment..)

chocolate strawberry brie

Take four slices of good quality white bread. Butter the outside of each of them.

Slice two strawberries and arrange on two of the pieces of bread. Add four generous slices of brie and a small scattering of dark chocolate buttons.

Place sandwiches, butter side out, onto a squash toaster and cook until the outside is golden and the brie and the chocolate have melted into a wonderful goo. Devour while still warm.

Managing the glut

November 20th 2014 10:47
cashew chicken

Somehow, over the past month, our neat little veggie patch, has morphed into an entire backyard full of plantings. Think market garden, think commercial growers, think Doomsday Preppers/ end of the world/ we will be self-sufficient!

But don't get me wrong - I love that Mr Rough Cooking has transformed our once barren backyard into an oasis which Peter Cundall would be proud of. There are rows of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, beans, squash and cabbage all sitting pretty and waiting to be eaten.

cashew chicken

We cooked up our own broccoli and celery the other night, utilising our slow cooker (mainly so the meal could be prepared ahead while our little food critic was having a sleep...).

cashew chicken

cashew chicken

It was pretty good, and the veggies tasted even better, knowing that they were from our own patch.

Cashew chicken (serves four)

3 chicken breasts, cubed
1-2 cups broccoli, cut into bite-size pieces
1 cup carrots, sliced
3 stalks celery, sliced
1 long green chilli
1/2 cup whole cashews
200g fresh hokkien noodles

1 tablespoon olive oil
1/3 cup soy sauce
3 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon minced ginger
1 cup water or chicken stock

Combine all sauce ingredients and set aside.

Place chicken, broccoli, carrots, celery, chilli and cashews into slow cooker. Pour sauce ingredients over the top and stir well so everything is well coated.

cashew chicken

Cook on low for 4 hours.

Separate the noodles and add to the slow cooker. Cook for a further 30 mins. Serve.

cashew chicken


Garden goodies

September 30th 2014 01:18
Since this post, our little food critic has arrived and things are quite different around here.

Dinner is often a juggling act - trying to eat with one hand while the other one holds onto the little man, all the while trying not to drop food on him (we are about 80% successful in this pursuit).

Our friends have been great and very thoughtful - I don't think a week has gone by when we haven't been invited to someone's house for dinner or opened the door to a friend holding a baking dish full of something tasty. I am certainly glad that I did a whole heap of cooking before the baby came along though - having a freezer full of ready-made meals has been an absolute lifesaver. My only regret is stacking them at the bottom of the chest freezer, which makes them a little tricky to get out while holding an infant!

With all these things taking place, I (unsurprisingly) haven't been up to much in the kitchen. However, Mr Rough Cooking and I have been busy in the garden.


You may remember that back around a year ago, we moved into our new house. The backyard at that point was filled with spindly deciduous trees (mainly Elms) that had self seeded and were therefore positioned in places where no one in their right mind would actually choose to plant them.

Enter Mr Rough Cooking and his chainsaw, and we now have a much more usable area in which we can grow fruit trees and vegetables, and provide a space for our chickens (as well as a big pile of firewood). In fact, in the near future we are hoping it might look and feel a little something like this, and this, and Really Long Link


For now we have just the one veggie patch, but as you can imagine, we are looking to put in at least a second one (I would like to see a third and fourth). We have also planted fruit trees including a lemon, lime, mandarin, three peaches, two nectarines, a cherry, a plum,a fig, an avocado, two apricots, three apples and a quince. Around the fence line we are looking to put in grape vines, and perhaps we'll even give the old kiwi fruit another shot. It will be a couple of years until we start seeing any real produce from these, but we are now on our way to having our own produce once again!

I'm hoping that as he grows up, Rough Cooking junior will also enjoy spending a bit of time getting his hands dirty in the garden. For now he seems satisfied with being told and shown how well things are growing, and taking it all as a bit of an excuse to spend some time in the sunshine. Happy spring everyone!

Salted caramel apple crumble

August 4th 2014 16:58
salted caramel apple crumble

Crumble is one of my "go-to" easy dessert options for when we have guests over, or for when we volunteer to take a dessert to someone else's house for dinner. I find it is simple to prepare, easy to transport and the elements can be made ahead of time to ensure you enjoy the maximum socialising opportunities

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Raisin Loaf

July 30th 2014 01:57
Raisin loaf

Now that I have a little extra time for a few days, I have been thinking about getting back into regular bread making

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Making meals

July 5th 2014 06:26
baby rough cooking

There has been a lot of cooking happening around here lately, but comparatively, not a lot of eating (although my tummy has certainly been getting bigger

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Meatballs with quinoa

May 3rd 2014 23:27
meatballs and quinoa

We're coming into winter here in the southern hemisphere, and along with the new cooler season comes a renewed focus on comfort food and meals in bowls that you can hold in your hands to warm you up on the inside and out

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Cheesy fennel scrolls

March 4th 2014 09:29
cheesy fennel scrolls

What's that you say? It's March? No. It can't be, because I was on here just the other day, and it turns out that was January

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Leek and chicken (or turkey) parcels

January 2nd 2014 05:20
chicken leek parcels

Similar to what my sister and I do at my grandma's place every 6 weeks or so, a friend and I have been doing some hard-core cooking at home to fill our freezers with delicious morsels

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sweet potato spinach frittata

With a basket full of eggs staring me down the other night, and feeling like something a bit lighter for dinner after a week of heavy eating, I turned to an old favourite in the form of a frittata. I find frittatas to be a bit like risottos the basics are always the same, and then you can add in a bit of whatever you have on hand. I had on hand some sweet potato, some spinach and some pine nuts so we had a sweet potato and spinach frittata

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